Welcome to the Mysterion Majesty Wiki!

Welcome to the Mysterion Majesty Wiki! Here, you'll learn the magic of the upcoming game being made by Blaze Corp Entertainment. Mysterion Majesty is a game that has been announced by Blaze Corp Entertainment recently in a private convention in downtown Vancouver. The game is based off of the popular "Pokemon" series and is planned to be the biggest game ever with some of the most advanced AI mechanics ever witnessed. The game replaces the existing elements of the "Pokemon" game series with spin-off versions such as "Slurps", "Collectors" and "Air Fresheners". The game is set to be released within 3 years, but a set date has not yet been confirmed. An announcement trailer was recently teased, although no progress has been reported as of early January 2020.

Past Titles

In September of 2019, the title of the game was changed from 'The Legend of the Mysterions' to 'Mysterion Majesty'. It is unknown why the change occurred, however, many speculate the reason is due to copyright issues with other games involving similar titles.

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